Are Bearded Dragons Dangerous?

Bearded dragons are a type of lizard, and they have been known for being docile pets. They love being held, and their favorite activity is snuggling up close to you. However, just because they aren’t as dangerous as wild animals don’t mean that they can’t be harmful if you do something wrong. Are bearded dragons dangerous?

Bearded dragons are usually quiet and prefer to be alone. This makes them very friendly and they will rarely become aggressive. However, bearded dragons can become dangerous when they are threatened. Also, they can carry bacteria that they can transmit to people.

Are Bearded Dragon Bites Dangerous?

Bearded dragons can become aggressive when they feel threatened. When this happens, they can bite.

Since the reptile isn’t that big, their bite will usually leave a small mark and hurt a little. This isn’t enough for you to go to the hospital and seek medical attention.

However, their bite can become dangerous if the wound gets infected. If your bearded dragon carries salmonella or other bacteria, it could be transmitted to the person or pet that they bit.

Therefore, you can become sick from their bite. If you don’t know if you’re beardie has bacteria or not, it’s best to see medical attention to prevent the bacteria from spreading.

Are Bearded Dragons Dangerous To Humans?

If you’re worried about your bearded dragon biting, we can help put those fears to rest. Bearded dragons are not dangerous to humans. They are not naturally aggressive and will only bite if provoked, which causes them injury.

If this is your first time handling a bearded dragon, do not try to handle them without the help of an experienced individual or a qualified pet store employee. Picking them up the wrong way could make them feel threatened and bite you.

Are Wild Bearded Dragons Dangerous?

Wild bearded dragons are not dangerous, but they can be aggressive. If you’re thinking about getting one of these little guys as a pet, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. Like most reptiles, bearded dragons will bite if they feel threatened.

They have very strong jaws and sharp teeth, so always handle them carefully. The good news is that you shouldn’t encounter any problems with a wild bearded dragon as long as you take some precautions first. Don’t try to catch or pick up a bearded dragon unless you’re sure it’s safe to do so!

Related Questions

Are Bearded Dragons Dangerous To Dogs?

Bearded dragons are a kind of lizards that can be quite dangerous to dogs. They have sharp claws, and their bite contains venom, but not enough to kill them.

In addition to these natural defenses, their teeth are very sharp and can do a lot of damage if they choose to bite down hard enough on a dog.

In general, dogs tend to want nothing to do with bearded dragons unless they’re very hungry or curious about one. A few dogs will even chase after them, but most will stay away from them because these creatures smell like predators.

Are Bearded Dragons Dangerous To Cats?

If you own a cat, you might be curious about how it will react to a bearded dragon.

The good news is that bearded dragons are not dangerous to cats. While it is possible that the reptile could injure a cat, it will not be enough to seriously harm the cat. The only way they can hurt your cat is if they get too close for comfort and the cat attacks them in self-defense, but this rarely happens.

Are Bearded Dragons Venomous?

While bearded dragons contain a small amount of venom, this is not enough to cause serious harm to humans. However, it’s best not to handle them with your bare hands in case you do get nipped.


While it’s true that bearded dragons can bite, they are not dangerous animals. They only bite when afraid or provoked, and their mouths are mostly harmless. When properly cared for, bearded dragons make great pets!