Can Bearded Dragons Eat Ants?

There are a lot of different things that you can feed your bearded dragon. One of the most common questions that people ask is whether or not they can feed their bearded dragon ants.

In this article, we will discuss whether bearded dragons can eat ants, if it’s healthy for them, and other related topics.

Can Bearded dragons eat ants?

The answer to this question is yes, but it’s not something that you should do on a regular basis. The reason behind this is that there are some risks associated with feeding your bearded dragon ants. Just like any other food source, there are some risks and side effects that come along with feeding your lizard ants.

The biggest risk when feeding your lizard ants is that they may have pesticides sprayed on them or other chemicals that could be harmful to your pet. The second biggest risk is that some ant species can bite or sting your pet. These bites or stings could cause an infection and possibly lead to death if left untreated.

If you want to feed your bearded dragon ants on occasion, then make sure that they’re coming from a safe source and don’t have any chemicals sprayed on them before using them as a treat for your lizard!

Is It Safe For Bearded Dragons To Eat Ants?

Ants are not toxic to bearded dragons when eaten in small amounts on occasion. However, if fed regularly or in large quantities these insects can cause health problems for your pet lizard.

The main problem with feeding ants to bearded dragons is that they can contain formic acid which is poisonous to lizards and other reptiles. If a lizard eats too many ants it can suffer from diarrhea or even death due to kidney failure if they consume too much formic acid.

It’s important to note that not all ants are toxic and not all species contain enough formic acid to harm bearded dragons so you should always do your own research before feeding them any bugs or insects in general.

Benefits of Ants For Bearded Dragons

Ants make excellent food for bearded dragons. They’re high in protein and fat, and they have a lot of nutrients that your reptile needs. Ants also have some calcium in them, so they’re good for your beardie’s bones. If you’re going to feed ants to your bearded dragon, here are some benefits:

Ants Are High In Protein

Ants are high in protein. They contain about 20-40% protein by weight, which is about the same as the protein content of beef liver or chicken thigh meat. Because ants are high in protein, they’ll give your bearded dragon plenty of energy and help it grow quickly.

Ants Are High In Fat

Ants contain a lot of fat – about 50% by weight — which makes them an excellent source of energy for your bearded dragon. The fats in ants are mostly saturated fats, which means they’re very stable at room temperature and won’t go rancid quickly as unsaturated fats do. You can keep ants in the fridge or freezer for up to 2 months without losing any nutritional value!

Ants Are Rich In Calcium

Ants have plenty of calcium which is essential for growing dragons. Calcium helps with bone development in young bearded dragons and helps prevent metabolic bone disease later on in life when they’re adults. It also helps maintain proper muscle function so your dragon can move around without pain or difficulty. Easy To Digest – Ants are very high in fiber, which makes them easy for reptiles to digest and process into energy quickly so your bearded dragon doesn’t get constipated from eating too many at once (which happens sometimes).

Can Baby Bearded Dragons Eat Ants?

Baby bearded dragons can eat ants. However, you should not feed them ants all the time. You should feed your baby bearded dragon ants only once in a while because they have a lot of nutrients and protein which can cause obesity and other health problems if fed too often or too much at once.

If you want to feed your baby bearded dragon ants, make sure that the ants are small enough so that they cannot bite or sting your pet bearded dragon. You should also make sure that the ants are not poisonous to your bearded dragon before feeding them to your pet bearded dragon.

How To Feed Ants To Bearded Dragons

Ants are a great food source for bearded dragons. They provide all the nutrients they need, and they’re easy to find and collect. You should feed your bearded dragon ants once or twice a week, depending on how much it eats.

Step 1: Find ants. Ants are likely to be found in areas with lots of plants, so look in wooded areas or areas near trees. You can also try digging up some dirt near your house and watching for ants to come out from underneath it.

Step 2: Collect the ants by scooping them up in your hand or catching them with a container like an empty cup, bowl, or jar (be careful not to get stung!).

Step 3: Feed the ants to your bearded dragon by dropping them into its mouth or by placing them on its tongue directly (make sure it’s open first).

Step 4: Repeat until all the ants are gone!

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Ants?

Bearded dragons can eat ants as often as once per week or as rarely as once every few months (depending on how much variety you’re giving them with the rest of their diet).

Make sure that there aren’t any pesticides sprayed on the lawn where the ants live before feeding them to your dragon so he doesn’t end up getting sick from eating them.


Ants are a great treat for bearded dragons because they’re high in protein, but they shouldn’t be a regular part of your bearded dragon’s diet. Ants carry a lot of pesticides that can make your beardie sick, so it’s best to feed them only as an occasional snack. Also, the high-calorie level from the ant’s fat will make your beardie fat and unhealthy if you give them too many!