Can Bearded Dragons Eat Daisies?

Can bearded dragons eat daisies? Yes, bearded dragons may eat daisies. You can feed them the flower buds and the leaves. Feeding them daisies should be in moderation to avoid any health issues.

Overfeeding can be lethal for the tiny beardie. Although it is allowed to feed daisies to your pet, we recommend that you do not use daisies as a trustworthy food source for your bearded dragon. Overfeeding can cause serious health issues in bearded dragons.

What Are Daisies

Bellis perennis is a widespread European species of daisy in the Asteraceae family. It is also known as bruisewort in other parts of the world. Daisies are grown mostly in temperate climates, including Australasia and the Americas, native to Central, Western, and Northern Europe.

The leaves are rosulate and basal, with long-winged petioles, and the lamina is spatulate with serrated to crenate edges.

Is It Safe For Bearded Dragons To Eat Daisies?

Yes, it is entirely safe for bearded dragons to eat fresh and healthy daisies. It is a natural phenomenon that a lot of parasites attack daisies. Plants of daisies are the hosts of plenty of parasites. If your beardies like to eat daisies that have parasites, they can suffer from serious health issues.

Occasionally, daisies are introduced with different types of pesticides and herbicides to vanish the parasites on them. Feeding daisies with those pesticides and herbicides to the bearded dragons can be harmful to their health.

Is It Healthy For Bearded Dragons To Eat Daisies?

Fresh and Healthy daisies are beneficial for the health of your bearded dragons. Daisies are not that good source of nutrients as compared to other flowers.

Feeding daisies to your bearded dragons in a sensible way is a good practice. Overfeeding will cause health issues in your reptile.

Some health benefits of daisies are given below:
• Feeding daisies can save your bearded dragons from skin diseases.
• It can save your bearded dragons in swelling conditions.
• It can improve the digestive system of your pet.
• Externally, the leaves are used to bruises, wounds, and cuts.
• It is a type of vitamin supplement.

Can Baby Bearded Dragons Eat Daisies?

No, it is not safe for baby bearded dragons to eat daisies. It is better to avoid daisies because daisies are the hosts of the parasites. If your baby pet eats those daisies with these parasites, it will suffer from serious health problems.

Baby bearded dragons are more sensitive than mature ones regarding their health. They need proper health care for their survival. If you want a healthy and good life for your pet, you should consider feeding them daisies when they are an adult.

How To Prepare Daisies For Your Bearded Dragons?

If bearded dragons consume hazardous meals, they may have stomach issues. That being stated, when preparing daisies, you must clean them under the faucet; when cleaning veggies or fruits, running water is ideal for washing away all chemicals and pesticides.

Pesticides and chemicals may be harmful to your bearded dragons. Even if you don’t use chemicals on the daisies, they can pick up pesticides from your neighbor’s garden.

On the other hand, pesticides will not be an issue if you live in a rural region with few neighbors. In my situation, I don’t give my beardies veggies that aren’t produced in my backyard. I want to ensure that my beardies are fed the healthiest chow available.

You may also cultivate your own daisies plants for your bearded dragons if you have some space in your garden.

However, beardie food is available at supermarkets. Commercial fruits and vegetables are also acceptable. However, growing your vegetables may be the best option if you want to keep your beardies safe.

It is vital to mention that daisies and other fruits and vegetables are insufficient. They need protein despite eating a range of fruits and vegetables. That is the reason they require insects and other small creatures.

How Many Daisies To Feed Bearded Dragons?

The nutritional requirements of bearded dragons vary according to their age.

Younger beardies need to consume a lot of food with proteins. This means daisies can be fed to them, but in small amounts. The majority of their food should be insects like bugs and worms. It is because juvenile beardies are still developing and require additional building blocks — protein – to support their rapid growth.

On the other hand, adult bearded dragons are not consuming as much protein as they formerly were. They are no longer growing. Instead, they require nutrients and minerals found in fruits and vegetables and other plants, such as daisies. You can give a handful of daisies to them.

Other Flowers That Bearded Dragons Can Eat


Dandelions are very nutritious since they are an excellent source of calcium, vitamin A, C, and K. Dandelions are completely safe and non-toxic for them. You can feed them the flowers, stems, leaves, and roots.


Roses are not only beautiful in the garden, but bearded dragons can eat them too. The flowers are safe for them to eat, just as long as you don’t use any type of chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides.


Geraniums are safe for bearded dragons to eat. You can feed them the leaves and flowers. Like most other flowering plants that grow in the garden and yard, geraniums may be sprayed with pesticides. If it is, do not feed any to your beardies. Pesticides are highly toxic and can harm your pet.


Daisy flowers are fine to feed your bearded dragons. When picking the flowers, make sure there are no pests on the flowers. If there are, clean the pests off the flowers before feeding them any to your beardies. Daisies can be served to them just the flower or mixed with other foods.