Can Bearded Dragons Live Together? 3 Reason Why They Can’t

Bearded dragons are one of the most popular pet reptiles to have. There are many reasons to keep them as a pet. These reptiles are easy to care for, they are playful, and a great pet to have overall. Therefore, most people will want to have more than one of them.

So can bearded dragons live together? Bearded dragons cannot live together. These reptiles are a solitary creature that likes to be alone most of the time. They are also territorial and will get aggressive, especially the male. Putting 2 or more beardie together will cause them to compete for everything from hiding space, food, a basking spot, and attention. However, there are a few times where they can live together which is during mating and when they are babies.

You may be wondering why, since most pet stores will have multiple bearded dragons in the same cage. There is a reason why they do that. To understand more why pet stores can keep many bearded dragons together and why you can’t do that at home, keep reading to find out.

1. Territory

Bearded dragons may be cute, but these creatures are very territorial. They get really aggressive when another bearded dragon invades their territory.

In the wild, bearded dragons like to be alone. Once they are born, they may stay together for a couple of weeks for protection and security. After that, each bearded dragons will wander off in their own direction.

As an adult, they are used to being alone, and which is why they become very territorial.

Below, we’ll examine 3 different scenarios so you know what will happen if they are housed together.

Two or More Males Together

Two males bearded dragons together is a never ever-ending fight between them. They will fight each other for territory. Usually, the bigger the bearded dragon is, the more dominant it will be.

The fighting will happen almost every day and could become very intense and violent. Usually, these reptiles will give up until one of them backs down and walks away.

Due to the intensity of the fighting, an injury will usually happen to one or both of the bearded dragons.

Therefore, if you ever decide to have 2 bearded dragons in the same enclosure, two or more males together is a definite no.

Two or More Females Together

Two or more female bearded dragons in the same enclosure can work. Female beardie is usually not very aggressive at each other.

However, you should pay close attention to them. Sometimes, they will fight each other over basking spots, hiding places, and food. This is their natural instinct when they are in close proximity to each other.

To prevent this from happening, you can simply add 2 of everything in the cage. This will not make them compete for everything in the cage.

Males and Females Together

Male and female bearded dragons can live in the same cage. The only problem you’ll have is when they are about to breed. The male will become very aggressive and try to mate with the female beardie. The male will continuously chase and bite the female. All of this could cause the female to become stressed out.

If you’re planning to have a male and female together, make sure to keep a close eye on them.

2. Bearded Dragons Are Solitary Reptiles

By nature, these reptiles are solitary creatures. This means they spend most of the time by themselves. by housing two or more together, they will compete for basking spots, food, and hides.

If you plan to have two bearded dragons together, it’s a good idea to have 2 of each of everything in the enclosure. This means 2 basking spots, 2 different food bowl, and 2 hides.

Even that, they may still fight each other. Bearded dragons are very territorial by nature. If the fighting happens, it’s best to separate them into 2 different tanks or you can simply put a fence in the tank to separate them.

3. Competition

When two or more bearded dragons live together, the competition will be fierce. They will compete for almost everything that’s in the cage. This means they will fight over the basking spot, hiding place, and food.

The dominant one will usually get everything. This could potentially leave the other one with not enough food to eat and could cause them health issues from lack of UVB lights. Worse of all, it will cause them to become stressed, which could eventually lead to death.

Do bearded dragons live together in the wild?

In the wild, bearded dragons do not live together. They may stay together when they are babies and sometimes as a juvenile. At this age, they tend to be very competitive and will fight over everything. When this happens, they will go their own separate ways.

When they become an adult, both male and female bearded dragons will live alone.

Can Baby Bearded Dragons Live Together?

While they are still baby, bearded dragons can be housed together. Each bearded dragon is different and you’ll need to watch them closely. Some baby bearded dragons prefer to be alone, while others like to be in a group.

Some baby bearded dragons will get very competitive and will compete for everything. In the wild, they can simply separate from each other. In captivity, they will not be able to separate each other.

Therefore, fighting will most likely occur and could injure each other. So it’s recommended to not keep them together for too long. Between the ages of 2-4 weeks is a good time to separate them.

bearded dragon mating

Can Bearded Dragons Live Together During Mating?

If you’re planning on breeding your bearded dragon, placing a male and a female in the same tank is fine. However, you’ll still need to be very cautious about it.

The female should be at least 2 years old, while the male should be around 18 months old or older. Both should receive proper nutrition and in good health before they start to breed.

Before placing both in the same tank, it’s best to introduce them first. This can be done by putting both the male and female beardie on the floor.

Introducing them first will let the two bearded dragons get to know each other. If they don’t get along, you can avoid fighting by separating them quickly. The female may not acknowledge the male the first so you may need to do this a couple of times.

Never put them in a tank without introducing them first. What will happen is the male bearded dragon will become very aggressive. After puberty, males tend to be very pushy with the females. The male beardie will try to get her attention by chasing her, biting her, and try to breed with her constantly.

All of this will, of course, cause a lot of stress for the female beardie.

After introducing them, if the female bearded dragon is receptive, the male will climb on top of her and bite her neck. Head bobbing and bearded turning black is a sign that’s common when mating. When this happens, you can place both of them in the tank to mate.

Once they are done mating, both bearded dragons will try to go their separate ways. They will sit at the opposite side of the tank or go into hiding. This is a sign to remove both and place them in their separate tank. Keeping them any longer could cause them to fight each other.

How To Keep Two Bearded Dragons Together?

There are times you may want to keep two bearded dragons. However, this is very risky and you should monitor them very closely.

It’s possible to house two bearded dragons, but you’ll need to properly set up their cage. Below are some of the things you need to do:

  • Enough Space. Bearded dragons need at least 50 gallons of space. For two bearded dragons, you’ll need to have at least a 100-gallon tank.
  • Basking spots. You’ll need to get one basking light for each bearded dragons. Also, make sure the cage is big enough to accommodate a basking spot for all of them.
  • Hiding place. The hiding place is very important to bearded dragons. This is where they go to when they feel threatened and security. Make sure to have a hiding place for each beardie. If the cage is large enough, you should have multiples of hiding places installed in there.
  • Adequate Food. Always feed all your beardie the proper amount of food. Place a food bowl for each reptile with the same amount. Also, keep them distant from each other when they are eating.

Another option would be to simply put a barrier in the middle of the tank. This will prevent them from invading each other space. The barrier needs to be sturdy to prevent the bearded dragons from tearing through it.


Pet stores are in it for the money. Also, bearded dragons are usually sold quickly so they don’t want to use up a lot of space in the store. This is the reason why beard dragons are sold in large groups.

As for raising bearded dragons at home, you should only keep one in each cage. Keeping two can become a problem if they don’t get along with each other, especially the males.

If you do want to keep more than one beardie in the same cage, make sure to pay close attention to them to avoid any conflict.

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