How Big Do Veiled Chameleons Get?

Let just say they grow really big!  Veiled chameleons are one of the biggest species of chameleons.  Beside growing really big, they grow really fast too!  Their growth is due to their large appetite.  This large appetite that they have is the reason veiled chameleons grow big.

How big do veiled chameleons get?  Male veiled chameleons get as big as 20 inches in length.  On the other hand, female veiled chameleons don’t get as big and grow to around 18 inches in length. 

If you have a baby veiled chameleon or recently bought a chameleon and wondering about their size when they become an adult, you came to the right place.

How Big Do Veiled Chameleons Get?

When choosing a veiled chameleon, one factor to consider is the gender.  Male and female veiled chameleons are different in sizes.  Male will get bigger than female veiled chameleons.

How Big Do Female Veiled Chameleons Get?

Female veiled chameleons grow to about 18 inches in length from nose to tail. 

They usually grow slower than male veiled chameleons.  Female veiled chameleons usually don’t reach their full size until about 18 months.  However, they will still get bigger, but not grow as quickly anymore.

Female veiled chameleons will grow bigger when they are pregnant.  During this time, they will eat more often and drink more water as well.  Their belly will get bigger to accommodate the eggs growing inside them.   Due to this large appetite, they will shed often as well due to their body outgrowing the old skin.

How Big Do Male Veiled Chameleons Get?

Male veiled chameleons grow to about 20 inches in length from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail.

The appearance of the male chameleons appears to make them bigger than females due to some of the features they have.  For one, their “helmet” is much bigger than then helmets of the females.

Male veiled chameleons are more bulk than female veiled chameleons.  Veiled chameleons are territorial creatures and will use their size to scare other chameleons away.

On the other hand, the male will use their bulkiness to attract the female during breeding.  When they see a female veiled chameleon, they will try to expand their body out as much as possible to appear bigger than normal.  This behavior is to attract the female and let them know that they are the best suited for mating.

How Big Do Veiled Chameleons Get In The Wild?

In the wild, veiled chameleons can grow to an enormous size due to food source being plentiful.  The average size chameleon is about 2o inches long and some are even bigger than that!

In their natural habitat, there are many different types of insects available for them to eat.  All the insects they eat are full of nutrition, which contributes to their large size.  The insects are packed with nutrition by the amount of all the food they eat such as leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables.   Veiled chameleons get all their nutrition by just eating insects in the wild.

The reason why veiled chameleons get really big is that they will eat whenever food source is available.  In their natural habitat, depending on the season, food can become scarce sometimes.   For that reason, their instincts tell them to eat all the time when the food source is present.  This is to prevent starvation when insects may not be available for a long period of time.

Another factor veiled chameleons in the wild get really big is due to having stronger genetics than those breed in captivity.  Only the biggest and strongest survive to adulthood and breed.  For that reason, some chameleon owner wants to buy a chameleon that is wild-caught, just for that purpose.

How Big Do Veiled Chameleons Get In Captivity?

In captivity, a veiled chameleon can reach it’s full growth potential slowly or quickly.  This depends on how much you feed them.  The more you feed them, the faster they will get big.  On the other hand, the less food that is given to them, the slower they will become big.

Veiled chameleons in captivity don’t usually get all the nutrition like veiled chameleons in the wild.  Most insects will need to be gut loaded before feeding them to the chameleons.  Insects fed directly to them will have less nutrition value.

What food chameleons eat and how often chameleons eat is the main factor that determines how big they can get.

How Big Do Veiled Chameleon Baby Get?

How Big Do Veiled Chameleon Baby GetVeiled chameleon babies hatch from an egg.  After hatching, they are usually 4 inches in length.  However, they will grow very faster in the next couple of months.  This growth is due to the large appetite that they have.  Veiled chameleon’s food consists of a diet of insects and other food which are high in proteins and carbohydrates.

For this reason, a small cage isn’t suitable for them due to their fast growth.  It’s best to get a medium size cage that can house them from birth until they reach maturity in 12 months.  After 12 months, you can move them to the main cage.

How Long Does It Take To Reach Full Size

A veiled chameleon will reach their full size in about 12 months.  However, like other reptiles, they will continue to grow their entire life.  You won’t be able to know the difference in size anymore after 12 months.

Veiled chameleons will grow not lengthwise, but weight.  One of the ways to tell if they are growing is by shedding.  When a chameleon shed, their old skin is getting too tight on them and need a new skin to accommodate their size.  Veiled chameleons will shed throughout their life.

What Enclosure Size For A Veiled Chameleon?

The enclosure is very important to the health of your veiled chameleon. In their natural habitat, there are no barriers between them and the environment. Also, they need a lot of fresh air to be healthy. For that reason, they need an enclosure that is big enough for fresh air to move in and out of the enclosure.

The enclosure should be tall rather than wide. Chameleons spend most of their time in trees so most of their movement will be climbing up and down all day.  The enclosure should be a minimum of 40 inches in height.

The recommended overall enclosure size should be 24x24x48.  This enclosure on Amazon is the perfect choice for veiled chameleons.

Avoid any enclosure that is small than the above. A small enclosure is too small for a veiled chameleon to move around and it will most likely cause them to be stressed.

Also, a large enclosure is best because you can put plants and other decorations in the enclosure.

Should You Fear A Big Veiled Chameleon?

A veiled chameleon is one of the biggest species of chameleon. They can get very big when they are full grown. For that reason, most people will fear the veiled chameleon could hurt them.

Veiled chameleons do get aggressive and could bite if they are provoked. Before they bite you, they will usually exhibit signs first. When threatened, they will open their mouth and hiss at you. Also, they will show their full body from the side to make them appear bigger.

If they are still provoked, they will bite. However, most veiled chameleons will not bite you because they don’t sense a great danger. Instead, they will just “punch”you with their nose.


Their large size can be intimidating, but veiled chameleons are actually gentle.  They are one species of chameleon that is recommended for beginners.  Veiled chameleons are easy to care for and get along well with people.  If you’re looking for a chameleon that is big in size, but easy to care for, the veiled chameleon is the right choice for you.

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