How Often Do Chameleons Eat?

How often do chameleons eat? Keeping your chameleons healthy is a very important task.  Healthy chameleons live a long and productive life.  One of the task to keeping them healthy is knowing when to feed your chameleons.  Like any other living things in this world, chameleons needs to eat, but how often do chameleons eat?


There are over 160 different chameleon species in the world!  Depending on the species, it will determine how often chameleons should be fed.  For example, Yemen chameleons should be fed alternate days than daily.  By doing so, this will yield better rate of growth and less dominance issues.  Even baby Yemen chameleons should be fed alternate days for them to develop properly.  This species of chameleons will eat as much as you give them, but you should try to limit the amount given to them at one feeding.  If you overfeed them, especially the females, they will gain a lot of weight fast which will result in poor health.

On the hand, veiled chameleons should eat on a daily basis.  These chameleons needs a lot of food each day due to their size.  Out of the entire chameleon species, veiled chameleons are the biggest one.  Because of their large size, daily feeding is required.  Normally, you should only feed them enough that there will be no food left over.  When feeding them, you should have a variety of insects and other food to feed them.  Today, you can feed them wax worms and the next day you can feed them crickets.


Your location will also dictates on how often to feed them.  If you live in the warmer region or it’s summertime, you will need to feed your chameleons more often than usual.  During the warmer months, chameleons will need to consume more food due to them being more active.  Chameleons are active when it’s warm or hot outside.

If you live in the colder regions of the world or it’s winter time, feeding will be reduced.  During these colder months, chameleons are less active and will not move around much.  For that reason, they are not as hungry as the summer and warmer months.

Both the warm and cold regions, water should never be neglected.  You should always make sure their cage always have fresh water at all time.

By understanding these factors, you can adjust the feeding schedule for your pet chameleons.  If you are still unsure how often to feed your chameleons, you can consult with your local pet store.  They will have all the information you need to feed your chameleons and keeping them healthy.

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