Leopard Gecko Lifespan, Easy Guide

The leopard gecko lifespan can be influenced by various factors. The animals are easy to care for and optimally suited for reptile beginners. The high life expectancy of leopard geckos depends on certain aspects, such as good husbandry and feeding.

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Leopard gecko lifespan – create optimal living conditions

With optimal husbandry that simulates and is adapted to life in the wild, leopard geckos can live to a ripe old age and remain healthy for a long time. animals are notThe  demanding and are content with a well-equipped terrarium, good food and contact with conspecifics.

The reptiles live up to 25 years, weigh about 40 to 60 grams and can reach a maximum length of 25 centimeters, a large part of which is the tail. It is especially important to take into account the high life expectancy already at the time of purchase. Important for a species-appropriate attitude and a long life is the life of the animals in company. Since geckos like to be together with conspecifics, but at the same time have a strong territorial behavior, a group with one male and two to three females is best suited for beginners. This way arguments can be avoided.

leopard gecko lifespan
The leopard gecko lifespan is dependent on various factors.

The terrarium forms the entire habitat of the gecko. It must be sufficiently large and filled with terrarium sand. Furthermore, it should contain enough retreat and climbing possibilities.

The optimal temperature in the terrarium at night is 20 degrees with a humidity of 50 to 70 %, during the day about 28 degrees with a humidity of about 40 to 50 %.

The right place for the terrarium is also important. Vibrations, noise or drafts may even have a negative effect on the health of the animals, which is why the terrarium location should definitely be quiet.

A good food, which keeps the geckos healthy for a long time, consists of insects, which can be additionally sprayed with mineral powder to ensure an optimal nutrient supply.

Skinning is especially important for health for the geckos. In a wetbox with increased humidity, the animals can shed the old skin. As the owner, take special care to ensure that the skin is completely removed.

Also important is putting the geckos into hibernation, where they will retreat and stop eating. The temperature in the terrarium is gradually reduced to 15 degrees and the lighting time is only six hours. Make sure that only healthy animals are put into hibernation so that they can take advantage of the revitalization period.